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Ancient GreekEdit

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Proper nounEdit

Οὐκαλέγων (Oukalégōn) (genitive unkown) unknown, third declension

  1. Ucalegon, one of the friends of Priam.
    • Ὅμηρος, Ἰλιάς, 3.148
      Οἳ δ' ἀμφὶ Πρίαμον καὶ Πάνθοον ἠδὲ Θυμοίτην Λάμπόν τε Κλυτίον θ' Ἱκετάονά τ' ὄζον Ἄρηος Οὐκαλέγων τε καὶ Ἀντήνωρ πεπνυμένω ἄμφω ἥατο δημογέροντες ἐπὶ Σκαιῇσι πύλῃσι,
      The two sages, Ucalegon and Antenor, elders of the people, were seated by the Scaean gates, with Priam, Panthous, Thymoetes, Lampus, Clytius, and Hiketaon of the race of Mars.