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Alternative formsEdit


From Ancient Greek μή (, not)



μη (mi)  (negating particle)

  1. not
    μη θέλοντας   (not wanting)
    μην καπνίζετε   (do not smoke)
    Μακάρι να μην είχα κάνει τόσα λάθη στη ζωή μου.   (I wish I hadn't made so many mistakles in my life.)
  2. non
    ο μη εργαζόμενος   (the non-employee)

Usage notesEdit

  • The alternative form μην (min) is used when the following letter is a vowel or a plosive consonant (ie κ, ξ, π, τ, ψ, γκ, ντ, μπ).
  • μην and μη are used with subjunctive verbs, δεν and δε are used with indicative verb forms.


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