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отпуска́ть (otpuskátʹimpf (perfective отпусти́ть)

  1. let go, let off
    не отпускать ни на шаг — not let stray one step, not let stir a step from one's side
  2. release, set free
    отпускать на волю - to set at liberty, to liberate
    отпускать на поруки - to take bail
  3. dismiss, give leave
  4. supply, serve, issue, give out, sell
    отпускать шутку - to crack a joke
    отпускать комплименты - to make compliments, to pay compliments
  5. allot, assign, allow, provide
  6. slacken, relax, turn loose, loosen
  7. (obsolete) remit, forgive
    отпускать грехи - to give absolution
  8. (hair or beard) grow, let grow
  9. (metal) temper, draw
  10. (pain) lessen, ease


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