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From Ancient Greek -ίτης (-ítēs). Adopted in Latin as part of Greek loanwords, as -ītēs, often also as -īta. Often in Biblical tribal names. Thus either Levītēs or Levīta, plural in -ītae. In medieval Latin of religious groups, such as Marcionītae, Ebiōnītae, Monophysītae, etc.



  • adjective-forming suffix, especially of nominalized adjectives identifying groups of people as "those belonging to"
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First declension, Greek type masculine in -ēs.

Number Singular Plural
nominative -ītēs -ītae
genitive -ītae -ītārum
dative -ītae -ītīs
accusative -ītēn -ītās
ablative -ītē -ītīs
vocative -ītē -ītae

Derived termsEdit

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