English Carrier


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The King of the Doos—the English Carrier [blue black-barred] (also called Old English Carrier, Carrier Pigeon, Carrier)

Alternative formsEdit

  • English carrier


English Carrier (plural English Carriers)

  1. Columba livia domestica, an old breed of fancy pigeon (with huge beak wattles and eye ceres, similar to the Barb and Dragoon), developed in England and Scotland from ancestors imported from the Middle East.

Usage notesEdit

  • The term carrier pigeon is often used, especially in newspaper and magazine articles, for a homing pigeon or racing pigeon that carries messages. Many pigeon fanciers (particularly homer men and homer women) consider this to be a misnomer because the term is outdated and originally referred to the ancestors of present-day Old English carriers. These "carrier pigeons" were formerly used to carry messages before the modern homing pigeon was developed in the 1800s (initially in Belgium and Britain), but is today strictly an exhibition pigeon or show pigeon that has mostly lost its strong homing instinct. The "carrier pigeon" was also one of the breeds used to develop the modern homing pigeon and therefore does have some "carrier blood" in it.[1]


Derived termsEdit

  • Ash Red English Carrier
  • Ash Red Bar English Carrier
  • Ash Yellow English Carrier
  • Ash Yellow Bar English Carrier
  • Another Other Color English Carrier
  • AOC English Carrier
  • Black English Carrier
  • Black and White English Carrier
  • Black Pied English Carrier
  • Blue Bar English Carrier
  • Blue Black-Barred English Carrier
  • Blue Check English Carrier
  • Brown English Carrier
  • Brown Bar English Carrier
  • Dark Grizzle English Carrier
  • Dun English Carrier
  • English Carrier breeder (Carrier breeder)
  • Grizzle English Carrier
  • Light Grizzle English Carrier
  • Pied English Carrier
  • Silver Bar English Carrier
  • Silver Dun-Barred English Carrier
  • White English Carrier
  • Yellow English Carrier
  • English Carrier fancier (Carrier fancier)
  • English Carrier fancy (Carrier fancy)


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  1. ^ The Carrier, or certainly the Horseman, was the first breed used in England for message-bearing purposes. The name, “Carrier Pigeon,” is still used today erroneously by many writers, especially in newspapers and periodicals, to describe the true Racing Homer. The Carrier today has been developed into a show bird alone, its homing propensities having long since ceased to be developed. — Wendell M. Levi, The Pigeon, 1941 (Renewed 1968), 1946, 1957, and 1963; p57.
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