From Old Irish Notlaic, from Latin natalicia (a birthday party), with specific reference to the birth of Christ.


Proper nounEdit

Nollick f

  1. Christmas
  2. Christmastide
  3. Yule(tide)

Derived termsEdit

  • Bannaghtyn y Nollick (Christmas Greetings)
  • billey Nollick, juys Nollick (Christmas tree)
  • bleaystag Nollick (Christmas cracker)
  • block y Nollick, darrag ny Nollick (yule log)
  • Carval y Nollick (Christmas Carol)
  • erin ny Nollick (midnight mass)
  • Jishag y Nollick (Father Christmas)
  • kaart Nollick (Christmas card)
  • Laa Nollick (Christmas Day)
  • Laa Nollick Beg (New Year's Day)
  • Mee ny Nollick (December)
  • Nollick Veg (New Year)
  • Nollick Vooar (Christmas)
  • Oie Nollick (Christmas night)
  • Oie Nollick Veg (New Year's Eve)
  • poltag Nollick (Christmas cracker)
  • Traa Nollick, Traa y Nollick (Christmas time, Christmastide, Yuletide)
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