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22 y/o, residing in Lund, Sweden.

Swedish is my native language and my main field of interest, and thus the language to which I'll be contributing the most. I also have a big interest in English, and more recently Persian.

I used to be conversational in Italian, but I'm afraid that skill has fallen into oblivion. I can read and understand Norwegian and Danish, both of which are generally considered mutually intelligible with Swedish.

I'm fascinated with non-latin scripts and I can decipher the Arabic/Perso-Arabic script, the Hebrew script and to a lesser extent the Cyrillic script. Now I just need a language to use them with :-)

I know IPA at a functional level, and much of my work here consists in adding pronunciation info to Swedish entries.

I'm studying for a Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Lund Institute of Technology (LTH).