Could be credited to George Carlin "WTF" However he may have picked it up when he was a radar operator in the United States Air Force.

Could also be accredited to radio transmissions from Joshua Mathis during brief CB radio interjected transmissions with numerous commercial truck operators in the early 1990's.


 CBOP1: "Hey Jim-bob, Over." 
 CBOP2: "1004, Over."
 CBOP1: "You will not believe this story, I was sippin' turkey neck gravy and..." 
 CBOP3: "What the fuck!.... Over."
 CBOP1: "Jim-bob, was that you? Over."
 CBOP2: "I don't think so. Over."
 CBOP3: "What the fuck!.... Over."
 CBOP1: "Heeeeeeey! You kids get off this channel! ... ... Over."



  1. (military, slang, 1970s) what the fuck, over!

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