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before someone's time



before someone's time (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) From before one was born or old enough to be aware of the world.
    • 2007, Bobby Braddock, Down in Orburndale: A Songwriter's Youth in Old Florida, Louisiana State University Press (2007), ISBN 9780807132227, page 55:
      At thirteen, I liked a lot of music that was before my time: Louis Armstrong and Dixieland jazz, Sousa marches, and barbershop quartet singing.
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before someone's time (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) At a stage in one's life, development, etc. that seems premature.
    • 1951, Johnny Cash, letter to Vivian Cash dated 3 November 1951, reprinted in Vivian Cash (with Ann Sharpsteen), I Walked the Line: My Life with Johnny, Scribner (2007), ISBN 9781416532927, page 38:
      Oh yes, and tell her to take care of herself too, and not get herself all banged up again, or she will look old before her time.
    • 2007, Robin Shannon, Cemeteries of Seattle, Arcadia Publishing (2007), ISBN 9780738548135, page 119:
      Jimi Hendrix is buried at Evergreen Memorial Park in Renton. The electric guitar player extraordinaire died before his time at the young age of 27.
    • 2012, Laura Frantz, Love's Reckoning, Revell (2012), ISBN 9781441239785, unnumbered page:
      "Unless you become the third apprentice to quit before his time?"
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