Etymology 1Edit



  1. (scanning error) Common misspelling of departs.

Etymology 2Edit

de- + pants (from pantaloons)


depants (third-person singular simple present depantses, present participle depantsing, simple past and past participle depantsed)

  1. (slang) to remove the trousers from someone, often by force or surprise.
    • 1954, Edith Pope, River in the Wind, Scribner, page 100:
      "'First off we depants's you. Then we take and bounce you. You'll be pulling oyster shells out of your backside—'
    • 1998, Bruce Clayton, Praying for Base Hits: An American Boyhood, University of Missouri Press, ISBN 0826211895, page 195:
      "For moronic fun we liked to sneak up behind a buddy and depants him, particularly if he was trying to sweet-talk a young college-bound girl."
    • 2004, Vicki Lewis Thompson, The Nerd Who Loved Me, St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0312998562, page 72:
      "Harry had been about eight when three burly high school kids had followed him home, threatening to 'depants that little nerd.'"

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