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määrä (purpose, end; amount) +‎ raha (money); an amount of money dedicated for a given purpose.



  1. budget (amount of money earmarked for a particular institution, activity or time-frame)
    Museon määrärahat eivät riitä edes välttämättömiin hankintoihin.
    The budget of the museum is not sufficient even for the essential purchases.
  2. allowance, purse (quantity of money given for a particular purpose)
    Minulla on tuhannen euron määräraha tarvikehankintoihin.
    I have an allowance of one thousand euros for purchasing the necessities.


Usage notesEdit

  • (budget): This term is mostly used in public sector, where the funds are allocated from a central source. When referring to a budget of a functional unit, used often in plural. Singular often refers to an individual line (such as traveling expenses) of a larger budget.

Derived termsEdit