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non- +‎ hybrid.


nonhybrid (not comparable)

  1. (usually automotive) Not hybrid.
    • 2008 May 28, Thomas L. Friedman, “Truth or Consequences”, New York Times:
      At the same time, if you, a manufacturer, continue building fleets of nonhybrid gas guzzlers, you are condemning yourself, your employees and shareholders to oblivion.


nonhybrid (plural nonhybrids)

  1. Any vehicle, animal, etc. that is not a hybrid.
    • 2008 April 27, Ken Belson, “The Greening of the Yellow Fleet”, New York Times:
      Matthew W. Daus, the Taxi and Limousine commissioner, said his agency was finding fewer problems during regular inspections with hybrids, compared with nonhybrids.