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Etymology 1Edit

See reif.

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Alternative formsEdit


reaf (plural reafs or reaves)

  1. (now chiefly dialectal) Spoil; booty; plunder, especially plunder from robbery.
  2. (now chiefly dialectal) The act of practise of robbery; spoliation; depredation.
  3. (now chiefly dialectal) The act of carrying off, abducting, or devouring (another).
  4. (now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) Rapacity; greedy desire for plunder.
  5. (now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) A thief; robber.

Etymology 2Edit


reaf (plural reafs)

  1. obsolete spelling of reef
    • 1834 August 2, Niles' Register, page 384:
      A large number of vessels continued to be wrecked, and a vast amount of property is lost on the Florida reafs.
    • 1891, H. A. Moriarty, Islands in the Southern Indian Ocean, Westward of Longitude 80° east, including Madagascar, page 124:
      The largest ships may pass between the outer reafs and the Black rocks.