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  1. Archaic spelling of Ethiopia.
    • 1818, The Analectic Magazine, volume 12 (July–December 1818), page 252:
      Finding, however, that this was not likely soon to take place, he determined to pass the intermediate time in exploring Egypt and the country above the Cataracts, and was thus enabled to perform two very arduous and interesting journies into the ancient Æthiopia; one of them along the banks of the Nile, from Assouan to Dar El Mahass on the frontiers of Dongola, in the months of February and March 1813, during which he discovered many remains of ancient Egyptian and Nubian architecture, with Greek inscriptions, such as are found in the temples of Philæ; — the other, between March and July, in the following year, through Nubia to Souakim and Djedda.