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Word of the day for October 23
atom n
  1. (now historical) The smallest medieval unit of time, equal to fifteen ninety-fourths of a second. [from 10th c.]
  2. (history of science) A hypothetical particle posited by Greek philosophers as an ultimate and indivisible component of matter. [from 15th c.]
  3. (chemistry, physics) The smallest possible amount of matter which still retains its identity as a chemical element, now known to consist of a nucleus surrounded by electrons. [from 16th c.]
  4. (now generally regarded figuratively) The smallest, indivisible constituent part or unit of something. [from 17th c.]
  5. A mote of dust in a sunbeam. [from 16th c.]
  6. A very small amount (of something immaterial); a whit. [from 17th c.]
  7. (computing, programming, Lisp) An individual number or symbol, as opposed to a list; a scalar value.
  8. (mathematics) A non-zero member of a Boolean algebra that is not a union of any other elements. [from 20th c.]
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