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  1. plural form of æquilibrium
    • 1759, Philip Miller, The Gardeners Dictionary, volume I, HYD:
      To Hydroſtaticks belongs whatever relates to the Gravities and Æquilibria of Liquors, with the Art of weighing Bodies in Water, in order to eſtimate the ſpecifick Gravities.
    • 1982, Roger L. Emerson, Gilles Girard, and Roseann Runte, Man and Nature: proceedings of the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, page 212 (University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education; →ISBN, 9780920354148):
      The structural analysis indicates two levels; plain fibres, which can be described more geometrico, and complex æquilibria of fibres, which cannot be accounted for geometrically: wherefore it is necessary to subordinate geometry to observation.