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  1. Alternative spelling of aesthetics
    • 1997, Barbara T. Cooper and Mary Donaldson-Evans [eds.], Moving Forward, Holding Fast: The Dynamics of Nineteenth-Century French Culture, page 219 (Rodopi; →ISBN:
      Physiological æsthetics purported to measure and analyze the impact of form, movement and color not only on the eye but on the body.
    • 2001, Mary Lawrence Test, Dalhousie French Studies, volume 54, “Dominique Desanti: Un Hommage”, page 111 (Department of French, Dalhousie University):
      Psychoanalysis, one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive models ever offered in the fields of cognition (epistemology), affect (emotion system), action and motivation (pragmatics) and æsthetics, may very well be the last creation of “modernism.”