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Ancient GreekEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From κᾰτᾰ- (kata-, down) +‎ βαίνω (baínō, to go)




κᾰτᾰβαίνω (katabaínō)

  1. to step down, to go or come down
    1. to dismount from a chariot or a horse
    2. to go down from the inland parts to the sea, especially from central Asia
    3. to come to land, get safely ashore
    4. to go down into the arena, to fight, wrestle, race
    5. (of an orator) to come down from the tribune
    6. (rarely of things)
    7. (figuratively)
      1. to come to in a course of speaking
      2. to come to the same point, agree
      3. to come down, fall
      4. to condescend
    8. to go one's way, advance