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посёлок городского типа




  • IPA(key): [pɐˈsʲɵləɡ ɡərɐt͡sˈkovə ˈtʲipə] (phonetic respelling: посёлок городско́во ти́па)


посёлок городско́го ти́па (posjólok gorodskóvo típam inan (genitive посёлка городско́го ти́па, nominative plural посёлки городско́го ти́па, genitive plural посёлков городско́го ти́па)

  1. urban-type settlement
  2. workers’ town; factory housing estate


Usage notesEdit

Denotes a Russian administrative unit that is similar to a village, but with a special purpose and an urban infrastructure. The population is no more than 3000 inhabitants, and the settlement is usually centered around a single industry. Most townlets are built around factories, mines or power stations, but some are like health resorts and have a sanitarium and health facilities. There are also dacha townlets, constructed around private recreation as a summer or weekend retreat.