Southern Selkup Edit

Regional variants of ӱт
Chumel dialects
Narym ӱт
Tyuj dialects
Upper Ob іт

Etymology Edit

From Proto-Samoyedic *wet, from Proto-Uralic *wete. Cognates include Nganasan быˮ, Finnish vesi and Hungarian víz.

Pronunciation Edit

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Noun Edit

ӱт (üt) (Narym)

  1. water
    • 2022, Grigorij Korotkih, Современный язык нарымских селькупов (overall work in Russian), page 59:
      Ӄомдэ́п ӱ́тӄо мелдэ́.
      He will give money to buy some water.

Further reading Edit

  • G.V. Korotkih (2022) Современный язык нарымских селькупов [The modern language of Narym Selkups], Tomsk: Соиздательство ценных книг «Грасион», →ISBN, page 59 of 150