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From English Internet, internet.


אִינְטֶרְנֶט (ínternetm

  1. (rare) An internet: a group of mutually connected computer networks.

Proper nounEdit

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הָאִינְטֶרְנֶט (ha'ínternet)

  1. The Internet, the internet: the global computer network.

Usage notesEdit

  • The proper noun אינטרנט may be used with or without הָ־ (ha-, the); both “על אינטרנט” and “על האינטרנט” mean “on the Internet”. Usage with הָ־‎ is much more common than usage without, except in attributive use (smikhut).
  • A native Hebrew synonym, מִרְשֶׁתֶת (mirshétet), was proposed by the Academy in 2002, but is quite rare.

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