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From שֶׁ־(she-, that, which) + לְ־(l'-, to). Attested since Mishnaic Hebrew. More recently supplanted by the standalone form שֶׁל(shél), but the inflected forms are unchanged.


שֶׁלְּ־ (shel'-)

  1. (archaic) Alternative form of שֶׁל(shel); not used predicatively.

Usage notesEdit

  • This form also frequently results from שֶׁ־(she-) + לְ־(l'-).
  • See usage notes at שֶׁל(shel).
  • Like all prepositional compounds ending in לְ־(l'-), שֶׁלְּ־‎ undergoes vowel modifications, and merges with a following definite article; see usage notes at לְ־‎.