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״ U+05F4, ״
[unassigned: U+05F5–U+05FF]

Hebrew edit

Symbol edit

״ (transliteration needed) (gershayim, גרשיים) pl

  1. Double apostrophe, used to form Hebrew acronyms, as in ארה״ב and תנ״ך.
  2. Used in a number written as multiple letters.
    תשס״ח ‎= 5768 (2007–08)
  3. (obsolete) Used by some authors for emphasis.
    אני צרי״ך את זה.
  4. Often used in writing out the names of letters, such as וי״ו.

Usage notes edit

  • Many people do not know how to type this character on the Hebrew keyboard, and will use the ASCII " instead: ארה"ב and תנ"ך.

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