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Arabic edit

Etymology 1 edit

Noun edit

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تَسَلِّي (tasallīm

  1. informal pronunciation of تَسَلٍّ (tasallin)
  2. nominative construct state of تَسَلٍّ (tasallin)
  3. genitive construct state of تَسَلٍّ (tasallin)
  4. (with definite article) nominative definite of تَسَلٍّ (tasallin)
  5. (with definite article) genitive definite of تَسَلٍّ (tasallin)

Etymology 2 edit

Verb edit

تَسَلَّيْ (tasallay) (form V)

  1. second-person feminine singular active imperative of تَسَلَّى (tasallā)