ᵿ U+1D7F, ᵿ

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  1. (NAPA) A near-close central rounded vowel, IPA [ʊ̈] = [ʉ̞].
  2. (IPA, unofficial) A reduced variant of the near-close central rounded vowel [ʊ̈] = [ʉ̞].
  3. (superscript) [ᵿ]-coloring or a weak, fleeting or epenthetic [ᵿ].
  4. (lexicography) A symbol used in some English-language dictionaries to denote a phoneme of standard Southern British English and of standand American English that may be realised variously as [ʊ] or [ə] without error.

Usage notes edit

The IPA provides two letters for reduced vowels: low/open ɐ and mid ə. These are not defined for rounding. For languages such as English, French and Russian that have additional or just different reduced vowels, some sources use the non-IPA letters ᵿ and for high/close rounded and unrounded reduced vowels, or redefine IPA ɵ for a specifically rounded mid reduced vowel.

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