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Cognate with Mycenaean Greek 𐀁𐀚𐀏 (e-ne-ka); otherwise Pre-Greek. Formerly thought a composite of ἕν (hén) and *ϝέκα (*wéka) (see: ἑκών (hekṓn)). However no trace of ϝ is seen in the Mycenaean Linear B record.

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Postposition edit

ἕνεκᾰ (héneka)

  1. (with genitive)
    1. on account of, for the sake of, because of
    2. with regard to, as far as regards, as for
    3. (pleonastic)

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Conjunction edit

ἕνεκᾰ (héneka)

  1. because
  2. that

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