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Old Church SlavonicEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Proto-Slavic *kry, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *krouio, from Proto-Indo-European *krewh₂- (blood of a wound).

Balto-Slavic cognates include Lithuanian kraujas, Latvian krevele and Old Prussian krawian. Other Indo-European cognates include Sanskrit क्रविस् (kravis), Ancient Greek κρέας (kréas), Latin cruor, Old English hræw, Old Saxon *hrāo, Dutch rauw, Old High German (German roh), Old Norse hrár (Swedish ) and Old Irish crú.


ⰽⱃⱏⰺ (kryf

  1. blood

Usage notesEdit

Attested in recently found Psalterium Sinaiticum; in older literature accusative singular кръвь (krŭvĭ) is used as the nominative singular as well.