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U+3036, 〶

CJK Symbols and Punctuation


GSI map symbol for a post office.
Certification symbol for a type B electrical appliance.

Glyph originEdit

Postal mark () in an enclosing circle. Jurisdiction over the electrical power industry was at one point in history held by the Ministry of Communications, which also operated the postal system.

Alternative formsEdit


  1. A map indication of a post office.
  2. Certification symbol for a Category B electrical appliance.

Usage notesEdit

The symbol was used to mark Category A appliances, while the symbol 〶 marked Category B appliances. These marks are not stipulated by the current (2001) Act on Product Safety of Electrical Appliances and Materials, which instead governs the PSE diamond for Category A appliances.

As specified by the Geographical Survey Institute (GSI), the lines of the postal mark within the map symbol extend to the edge of the circle, whereas the Unicode reference glyph and the certification mark do not do this. The Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) lists a plain postal mark () as a post office map symbol.