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Alternative formsEdit

  • 을까 (-eulkka) (after consonant stems)


—ㄹ까 (--lkka)

  1. asking an opinion on the proposal
    커피 한잔 할까요?
    Keopi hanjan halkkayo?
    How about a cup of coffee?
    내가 해 줄까요?
    Naega hae julkkayo?
    Shall I do it for you?
    언제 만날까요?
    Eonje mannalkkayo?
    When would you like to meet?
  2. asking an estimation
    우리가 할 수 있을까요?
    Uriga hal su isseulkkayo?
    Can we do it?
    어떻게 될까요?
    Eotteoke doelkkayo?
    What will it be?
  3. used when you speak to yourself on your future plan or estimation (without (yo))
    커피라도 마실까?
    Keopirado masilkka?
    Should I drink coffee or something?

Usage notesEdit

  • -ㄹ까/-을까 is attached to the stem of verbs/adjectives to express a suggestion or question, asking listener's opinion. The particle (yo) can be added for politeness.
  • Verbs/adjectives ending in a vowel or will take -ㄹ까 and verbs/adjectives ending in a consonant will take -을까 ending.

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