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24 Sussex Drive



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The street address of the Canadian prime minister's official residence, since 1951. Until about 1958, 24 Sussex Street (see also drive). The road was named in the early 19th century, after Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773–1843).

Proper nounEdit

24 Sussex Drive

  1. (Canada) The office of Prime Minister of Canada.
    • 1975, Winnett Boyd and Kenneth McDonald, The National Dilemma and the Way Out, BMG, p 33:
      So I guess he figured that if he kept on plugging away as he had down there, the same formula would get him into 24 Sussex Drive. But it didn't.
    • 1977, John T. Saywell, The Rise of the Parti Québécois 1967–76, University of Toronto Press, →ISBN, p 5:
      By 1965 Pierre Trudeau, en route to Ottawa and 24 Sussex Drive, had concluded that advocates of an associate state or special status were ‘those who do not feel capable of saying they are separatists and carrying their thinking to its logical conclusion.’
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:24 Sussex Drive.


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