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Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/onneton

KOTUS type 34 (onneton) NSK type 57 (onneton)

Nominals ending with -ton/-tön; inverse quantitative consonant gradation.

The inflectional stem is formed by replacing the final -n with -ma-/-mä-, and strengthening the preceding -t-. The final -a-/-ä- is dropped before the plural marker -i-.

Partitive singular ending -ta/-tä, partitive plural ending -a/, and standard genitive plural ending -en.


ends with -ton ends with -tön

Consonant gradation detailEdit


grade t → tt
nominative weak onneton
genitive strong onnettoman
partitive weak onnetonta
elative strong onnettomasta
illative strong onnettomaan

Complete declension example highlighting consonant gradation (t → tt)Edit