Appendix:Georgian adjectives

Adjectives usually precede the nouns which they qualify. Their stems have the same endings as those of nouns.

In certain cases, adjectives are declined like nouns. This occurs in the following cases:

  • when an adjective follows a noun; this occurs mostly in poetry
  • when it stands alone.
  • when it is used as a noun, thus it is nominalized. This occurs often.

Adjectival declensionEdit

A Georgian adjective as a modifier changes as the noun modified declines:

  • If an adjective ends with the vowel other than ი, it does not change throughout declining.
  • else, it has the same forms in the nominative and genitive cases (stem with nominative marker -ი (-i)), and in the dative and adverbial cases (stem with no suffix). In ergative and vocative, it employs another noun case markers -მა (-ma) and -ო (-o) respectively.

As an example see არსებითი (arsebiti) (adjective) and არსებითი სახელი (arsebiti saxeli) (adjective + noun)