Appendix:Glossary of British military slang and expressions

The British Armed Forces consist of the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Marines (RM), the British Army, and the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Numerals edit

prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance
5s and 20s
Checking your immediate surroundings (5m and 20m)
See MOD90

A edit

Toilet and / or bathroom for airmen (RAF slang).
Term for the act of morning Shower, Sh*t & Shave (Army Slang)
All Girlie Corps
Slang for the Adjutant Generals Corps.
ally, allie, ali, alle
Used to describe items of kit or clothing that are not issued (potentially against regulations) but function better than issued equipment, but also used as a word meaning a combination of “cool/against the rules”. Source: THE MEANING OF ALLY
Meal made from combined leftover ration packs. Quality varies from Cordon Bleu to Cordon Poo
Avtomat Kalashnikova ("Kalashnikov-pattern Automatic Rifle"). Derived from the AK-47 and the popular culture surrounding it, generic reference to enemy small arms.
(Army) Royal Navy/RN Sailor
Arrogant Regular Army Bastard
A Regiment far superior to the Cavalry
The Royal Tank Regiment

B edit

Babies' heads
individual tinned steak and kidney puddings in the old Compo rations. Or more commonly the round grass tufts in wet moorlands that easily twist ankles when trodden in but easily slipped off.
The Badge
regimental Sergeant Major, named for the large crown on the WO1 rank badge. Now more usually used to refer to the RSM or Regimental Sergeant Major. "You're to report to the Badge"
Ball of chalk, all went for a ball of chalk
Situation deteriorated beyond repair, about as much use as a ball of chalk
(RM) musician (i.e. member of the Royal Marines Band Service)
Barrack Stanchion
(RN) A naval rating who spends most of his / her time in shore based draft rather than at sea
(Army Slang) Made to perform an action to excess e.g. Drill or PT (often during Basic Training in the 70's, or used against soldiers locked up in guard house or the Mil Prison Colchester.)
(Army - especially TA) a 4 ton troop carrying truck. A sarcastic name deriving from the number of times that helicopters are promised for a movement, but 4 ton Bedfords turn up
Beer Tokens
(Army) A lively sexual partner. e.g. "She goes like a belt-fed mortar".
A Falkland Islander, from the Benny from Crossroads style woolly hats. His character was mentally challenged, so an insult. When challenged by senior officers, this changed to "Stills" as in: "Still f-ing Bennies". When challenged again this changed to “Weenoes” as in: “We know they’re still f-ing Bennies”.
Your big fuckoff backpack, taller than most pygmies
As in ‘on the biff’, Anyone on the sick, injured or on light duties
Biff chit
You can only be on the biff if issued with one of these by the MO. Excused various duties, depending on injury, but most good RSMs will find a way round this.
(Army/RAF) To walk out of step as a squad/troop. Sarcastic reference to a long tactical movement or march
(Army) Cigarette (derived from "Woodbine" a non-filtered cigarette typically sold in packs of five, until the late 60s/early 70s)
Bing Bong (Army)
A station/camp wide tannoy system used to make announcements. Onomatopoetic for the two-tone audio signal before an announcement was made.
Black nasty/Bodge tape
Army-issue black duct tape without which the Army would fall apart. Used for almost everything from insulating metal cups to holding the wheels on tanks. Often likened to “The Force” from the Star Wars films…it has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the universe together.
Blanket stacker
(Army) All Logistics Corps personnel regardless of actual trade.
The UK (originated in India, where bilāyatī meant "foreign country")
(Army) Beyond local repair (requires backloading to a central repair depot)
Blue jobs (or bluejobs)
members of the R.A.F.
(RAF) A person not on the 'sharp' end of the stick. Typically work in personnel support or another non-frontline role.
(Army) stretcher bearer
extremely. "Bone idle" - extremely lazy. Also "stupid" as in "head solid bone" (RM). Also boring as in "bone dry" (Army) eg. "Sorry, this lesson is going to be a bit bone".
Boots Combat High, or BCH
The replacement for the DMS (Direct Moulded Sole) boot. A good quality, high leg boot. These were replaced by the CAB (Combat Assault Boot) - an unsuccessful, shoddy quality attempt to replace BCH with something more modern. Given the poor quality of the plastic-y leather, also called "Boots Cardboard Horrible."
(Army) Royal Marine
Bowser Mong
AAC term for Bowser Operator
(BAOR) Bundeswehr personnel
Brag Rags
(Army) Medals
(RAF) Apprentice or a child born into any of the Forces or junior soldiers who went in at 16.
(Army/RAF) a hot drink, a cup of tea or coffee. "Want a brew?" = would you like a hot drink?
Brew bitch
(RAF) person stuck with making hot drinks see also ‘spoons’
brown job
(RM/RAF) the British Army
easy/free/superfluous/unnecessary "I've just got a buckshee daysack" (from "baksheesh" meaning gratuity, from India or Egypt)
High polish on Parade Boots
Rifle (from India, "gun")
gossip, rumours
Boiling Vessel, most important part of a vehicles inventory, Used for making the hot liquid without which the Army comes to a standstill.

C edit

Cabbage Head
Cats Arsehole
Refers to the chamber of the SA80 rifle or sausage roll
casualty evacuation
Cannon Fodder
Cha, Char
(Army) tea
Vietnam era - the enemy (Viet Cong-VC-Victor Charlie)
Charlie Delta / CD
casualty dead
Charlie Foxtrot / CF / cluster fuck
Chaotic situation with all plans disintegrating in all directions
Cheese Possessed
Tinned processed "cheese" found in Compo rations. Can also be wrapped in black nasty (once out of the tin) to provide a ball for a game of compo cricket.
persons whose name isn’t important. “Who’s that?, just some cheggers.”
(Army) tired, knackered
Civi, civy, civvy
Civilian clothing
(Army) chocolate
(RN/RM) A member of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
(BAOR) All Dutch military.
abbreviation for company
Crab Crabby
(Royal Navy) someone who doesn't wash, is unhygienic and smells.
Crab or crabfat
(Royal Navy & Army) a person in the RAF.
Crab air
(army) RAF
was a naval slang for a treatment for pubic crabs which happened to be the same colour as the RAF uniform. Also from a drill move where the men move sideways / diagonally only practised by the RAF.
Military slang used by members of the parachute regiment to denote what they class as lesser regiments.Taken from the fact that they wear the coveted Maroon beret that no-one else wears.
Crayon Eater (RAF)
Armourer. Because of their lack of intullygenss. Crayons are used on paperwork. Many are accidently eaten. Note, in 2017 the yellow crayola was no longer produced. Shame as apparently lemon was the best flavour.
Cant Read Or Write. Derived from a term used with WW1 recruits, now refers to a new recruit or inexperienced soldier. OR Combat Recruit of war! or Casualty Replacement Of War
Crow cannon
L86A2 Light Support Weapon craved by the raw recruit - who quickly hates the weight of the ammunition and the weapon after a few days on Basic.But wanted to carry it solely based on the Ally factor.
command vehicle
Cunt Cap
(Army) mainly used by instructors and recruits of the Infantry Training Centre Catterick, in referral to the DPM/MTP combat caps the recruits wear in their first 9-10 weeks of training. Also an officers’ side-hat, which is said to resemble....
(Army) To get a ride in a piece of equipment you don't normally use ie Helicopter, tank etc
As in “Sent to Collie”, being sent to the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) (prison) at Colchester. Even the prisoner escorts taking a prisoner to Colchester got beasted by the Staff.

D edit

daisy cutter
(RAF) faultless landing
Dhobi dust
(Navy/RM/Army/RAF) washing powder (detergent); derived from the [[w:Indian language word dobi, meaning "washing" or "laundry"
Dhobi Engine
(RAF/Navy/RM/Army) Washing machine.
dip stick
(RM) idiot
An Australian Soldier
Implements for eating with. Also ‘KFS’ (Knife, Fork, Spoon’).
A story.
(Army) Soldier with an anecdote for every occasion. "Jones was the Unit DitMeister, he had a funny story from every tour, remember the dead pigeon?"
DMS boots
Direct Moulded Sole ankle boots, issued from the 1960s to the mid-1980s. Also stands for "Dem's Moi Shooz!"
DMS Spanner
(Royal Engineers) Use the above to make something fit!
Pronounced as (D - O - B) Devoid of Brain - Someone who has joined the Armed Forces with half a brain cell.
Donkey Walloper
Cavalry especially HCR
Female member of the Armed Forces.
Doss down
(Army) To sleep
Doss Bag
(RM/Army) Sleeping bag
Deficient. Gone missing or AWOL "Pvt nutbags went diffy".
Directing Staff, often referring to instructors on any military course.
Dicker/Dicking/Being Dicked
(Army/RM) Member of an opposing force (generally during insurgency conflicts) who spies on friendly forces/the act of spying/being spied upon
Dicked (Army)
To be directed to undertake a task one doesn't want to do. "I've been dicked to clean the Turdis for gobbing off at the Badge."
D shape
A pasty of that shape - thats more frozen and still frozen that the Artic, even when issued in extreme heat situations in the middle its like block of ice.
when a pads wife places a box of washing powder in her window when the husband is away hoping she will get finger blasted by 5-10 drunk squaddies

E edit

Egg Banjo
A fried egg sandwich so called because when it is eaten, generally with the one hand that is free, egg yolk squirts onto the eater's shirt/jacket resulting in them raising their sandwich to approximately ear height whilst they attempt to "strum" the egg from their shirt with their free hand.
Laying on your Pit (bed)
Every soldiers favourite words means the exercise or event is over and have a shower for the first time in weeks.
Escape and evasion.

F edit

(RAF) Avionics Technician. Also generic term for electrical tradesperson after multi skilling came to be. Note in context of the NEM whole trade score. Superior beings compared to the mong like riggers (see below).
Fat Albert
RAF, a Hercules transport plane
Foresight, Economy, Flexibility, Simplicity, Cooperation (in making a plan)
acronym, Fighting In Built-Up Areas.
acronym, Fighting in someone's house. FIBUA
acronyms, Fighting In Someone's House and Causing Havoc In People's Streets. Humourous slang for FIBUA.
(Navy/ RAF) RN Slang term given by WAFUs to members of the General Service. Slang term for a member of the Royal Navy.
(RAF) On a charge, using Form 252 Charge Sheet.
Flying Crab
(Army) RAF Pilot
Flat Dick: (Army) Member of the WRAC
Forward Operating Base
(Army) acronym, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Recovery. "The situation's gone FUBAR!" = it's a mess!
Full Screw
The term 'Full Screw' is British Army slang used to describe someone holding the rank of Corporal.
Furry Crocodile
(Army) Dog
Foxtrot Oscar
(Army) Polite way of telling someone to go play on a motorway.

G edit

Gary Stacks
(RAF) Name used for addressing every Supplier regardless of their real name or rank. [Supplier = Shelf Stacker]
Issued goretex waterproof clothing "He went full Gary" (He wore all his goretex clothing)
(RN/RM/Army) waste such as food wrappers. (Army) Females.
(RAF/Army) Poor quality workmanship or inadequate kit/food, relates to above. "His application of black nasty was complete Gash".
(Army) vagina
(Army) derived from Gat Gun, an archaic air gun produced until the mid 1990s. Refers to an infantryman's personal weapon (rifle)
The Glasshouse
(Army) military prison
Gobbling rods
see KFS
Gobbing off
(Army) A verbal outbreak, can be back chatting a senior rank or to exaggerate your role in an action.
(Royal Navy) A large wave (usually breaking) and also a refreshing drink
a campaign medal
nasty, horrible, unenjoyable. That exercise was totally gopping
slang for privately bought gear that is better or 'shinier' than standard issue
(RN/RM) Plymouth, said to have originated from the World War I radio ID letters for the city's port (GUZ)
slang for genuine "Whats the gen?" Whats the true gossip?
GIMPY (pronounced ‘Jimpy’)
The L7A2 GPMG, or 'GIMPY', is a 7.62x61mm belt-fed general purpose machine gun. The GPMG has been in service with the British military for decades. The Royal Marine version is "Geep" (‘GP’; pronounced “Jeep").
From "Give It". To get something for nothing i.e. "Gizus a loan car",
Really good
work/effort. “That was hard graft.”
Grand Slam
Navy & Army, To vomit, urinate and defecate in your place of sleep due to excess drink. "He/I grand slammed in his pit / in the mess square last night....
Green Slime
Army, military intelligence personnel
grow bag
(RAF) Slang term for Aircrew Flying Suit (as in "He's wearing his grow bag in the mess"); Slang term for Aircrew SNCO on account of being made a SNCO purely due to their job.(my memory from 1970's this refered to the imersion suit, permenantly required and despiseded kit despite hot weather by Victor and other crews, green and rubberised and akin to the horticultural type. 'Bunny suit' was the fluffy thermal we wore under it.)
Green time machine/Green Maggot
A sleeping bag.
(Army) unpleasent,nasty

H edit

Hat or Crap hat is a derogatory term for the standard (originally khaki, now dark blue) beret worn by regular soldiers in the British Army, in contrast to those worn in the special regiments (typically red or green). The term is also used by special regiment members like paratroopers and commandos to refer to other soldiers.
Planning room, part of military intelligence, or to describe commanders or the ‘command’ function at any level.
RN/RM Something really smelly."That bird/bloke/pongo/crab is an absolute Honking piece of NATO equipment."
RAF 'to honk' = to vomit
Harry Von Wankbats
- Something really crap. "That briefing was a harry von wankbats."
Horror bag
Army/RAF packed lunch. Usually contains two flaccid sandwiches, one of which may contain Mystery Fish paste, half frozen sausage roll, unknown brand crisps ( often 'Paprika' in BAOR) an apple, a Kit-Kat and a tin of cola. Avoid.

J edit

Abbrev: Just Another Fat F*****g Arsehole
Selfish, lazy, workshy. "He's Jack as f***!" = He's as selfish/lazy/workshy as can be! Sarcastically, "I'm alright, Jack, pull the ladder up!" = You're being selfish!
Jack Tar
(RN) A sailor, sometimes 'Jolly Jack Tar'
Jenny, Jenny Wrens
members of the (former) Women's Royal Naval Service
(Army) a Scottish soldier or a soldier in a Scottish regiment (now amalgamated into the Royal Regiment of Scotland
(RAF) Pilot
(Army) Derogatory term. Slop Jockey an Army Chef, desk jockey AGC pers.
Jap Cap
Term used in he Army in the 70's and 80's to described the DPM Combat cap.
Junglee or Junglies
(Army) RN troop carrying helicopter or RN troop carrying helicopter's crew.

K edit

(RAF) dog urine. Practical joke used on newbies - Go up to the dog section and ask for some K9P
Knife, fork, spoon, mug. Issued day 1.
Anything from New Zealand.
Kit-Kat arse
marks on the skin of the backside that come from sitting for hours on the benches in the back of a four-tonner, that remind you of a Kit-Kat bar.

L edit

Laminated ‘Biff chit’
Someone on long term or permanent sick is said to have one of these.
Lumpy Jumper
(Army/RAF) A female soldier as the woolly pully often exagerated the female form
(Army) A individual who screws up in the most idiotic way, someone who routinely screws up or a civilian wearing military clothing such as airsofters.
Lance Jack
(Army) Somebody who holds the rank of Lance Corporal

M edit

One of a number of terms for Army Sleeping Bag.
Moving into/out of a military quarter.
A Navy sailor, from French, pronounced /ˈmæt.ləʊ/
(Army) An addendum to any word or honorific. Ditmeister, a funny dit spinner or "That medic was Meister he squared my blisters away, I feel almost Human". German origin, a Master or Minister.
A term used meaning procrastinating or carrying out a task slowly.
(Army) A derogatory term, to imply someone is effeminate. "JONES, stop mincing across my parade square" shouted the Badge.
Grotty, drunk, ugly,
"Mind In Neutral - Thumb Up Arse" Not a clue
Slang Name for the Light Machine Gun (LMG) given to soldiers with the bigger balls in the section
Mk 1 Peter’s
The most basic of all pasties. 11% meat at best.
Mk 1 Eyeball
took look rather than rely upon RADAR, SONAR or other equipment.
MOD90 (aka "90")
Royal Military Police
new arrival on base in Far East (e.g. Singapore), named for their lack of tan.
A comrade a friend brother in arms. brought back with the Army from India (Muckergee).
civilian dress; also used in a non-military context in other Commonwealth countries (
ATR Pirbright slang "Most useless person Pirbright ever trained” Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or is in other ways ineffectual. Also "Most Useless Person Possible Except Trainee".
Mystery Fish
unknown source of fish paste. Nobody actually knows what sort the fish was once upon a time or even if it ever was actually a fish. To be found in sandwiches in Horror Bags.

N edit

Hard (as nails)
NAAFI Growler
A greasy pie or pasty from the NAAFI vending machines.
NATO (as in ‘NATO Standard’)
How do you want your brew? NATO! Milk +2 sugars (less importantly) the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
(Tri service) New Employment Model. Where the old broken pay system was replaced by a system in which technical trades got rodgered harder. All lower ranks pay was cut. But it wasn't a cost saving exercise. Note, officers were not affected by the change.
(RAF) New recruit or new to unit
Not Flipping Interested - Had enough I'm not playing soldiers anymore
nineteen canteen
a long time ago, as in "Old Yorkie joined way back in nineteen canteen and so knows it all (or thinks that he does)."
(RN/RM) term for Chocolate
(Army) Cookhouse prepared packed lunch.
New In Greens - Any Soldier Straight Out Of Training
Nipples like Scammell starter buttons
Self explanatory
ie He has been sent to Netley. 70's term for soldiers sent to Military Hospital Netley for mental treatment (& drink related) reasons.

O edit

(RN) water. "on the oggin" = at sea
A fellow soldier or partner, especially in the "buddy-buddy system" or in back-to-back tasks: "Make sure your oppo doesn't get left behind!"; from opposite number
One Pip Wonder
(Army) Derogatory Term for Lt often one his first posting after Sandhurst. "That one pip wonder, he's just a private with an education".
Other Ranks. Everyone not an officer. The playthings of Ruperts
On receipt of spares.
Late, or done to a poor standard. Very much not outstanding.

P edit

(Army) Mental health issue, old Army medical form for mental health was numbered P8. " poor bugger has gone P8 in the block".
'P' Wing
The psychiatric department of British Military Hospitals. Used to be military rehab for piss heads.
an Irish soldier
"Father" generic term for clergyman, priest, chaplain. Origin Irish Catholic soldiers in the 1812 Peninsular War, Spanish for Father being Padre.
member of the Parachute Regiment
Acronym for Poor Bloody Infantry
Piccadilly Cowboys
HCMR Hyde Park Barracks, Knightsbridge.
(RAF) armourer
(RN/RM) army soldier. "Everywhere the army goes, the pong (stink) goes."; derived from the supposed inferior washing facilities in the field compared to those on a navy vessel.
Piss wrapped
Soaking wet
Person Of No Tactical Importance. A more polite form of REMF (unpopular)
member of the Royal Artillery or Royal Pioneer Corps
Platform Four
meaning that you have been kicked out of a course and returned to your home unit
married quarters
Also term used for any married soldier in quarters
Offsping of soldier in military quarter.
a married soldiers daughter who had had sexual intercourse with half the garrison
a woman usually in the 20-25 stone weight category who will perform sexual acts on other soldiers while her husband is away on exercise or operations.
Term used up to 1980 to describe female members of the RAF. As at that time females didn't fly. Also used by soldiers (in a jocular way, of course) to describe the R.A.F. in general: "Penguins, all flap and no fly."
Porridge Wog
(Army) A serviceman of Jockanese origin.
Real as in “Pukka Gen” real information, not made up or assumed.
Pull the Black and Yellow
To leave. From the colour of ejector seat handle.
Pull Up A Sand Bag
(Army) To tell A Story
Pronounced "poofo". Pack Up and Fuck Off.

R edit

Racing Spoon
(Army) Main eating implement. Good ones prized.
Racing Snake
(Army) A fit individual. "That lad finished his PFT in quick time, he is definitely a racing snake".
Range stew
Consisting of the chefs leftovers from the meal the night before. High in Calories because its swimming in lard.
Hot, warm
Red Arse
(Army) A derogatory term, a newbee or derogatory on issue of a exchange uniform " Jesus Staff, that new uniform, you look like a Red arse".
Red Cap
(Army) A member of the Royal Military Police
Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. Originated in US forces during the Vietnam War, anyone off the front line, also used to refer to 'uncool' styles of dress or attitudes associated with those from 'rear echelons'
(RAF) Airframes Technician. Also generic term for Aircraft Mechanical Tradesperson after multi skilled tech came to be. Note riggers are in context of the NEM whole trade score, lesser people than the god like AV trades.
(RAF) Aerial Erector
regimental headquarters
(RAF & Army) Officer; commissioned from the ranks.
rock ape
RAF Regiment
rubber dagger
(RM) Royal Marines Reservist
Rubber Dicked
rubber winged dagger
(SAS) Special Air Service Reservist
a commissioned officer, including medical officers (physicians) having gone directly through Sandhurst
Rug Rat
Any thing that is forth coming from the loins of a pad

S edit

(RN/RM) Doctor, specifically a surgeon
Married airmen/women living in quarters, given they were paid Scale E
Scaley Brat
(RAF) Airmen's/Women's offspring
Scaley, Scaley back
(Army) Radio operator/signaller (historically, from battery acid burns to the back from carrying radio packs, or from the plated body armour worn by WW1 linemen). Any member of Royal Signals
(Army) Food
Scab Lifter
(RN/RM) Medical personnel
(RN/RM/Army) Food
Scran spanners
(RN/RM) see KFS
(Army) a corporal of some description
(RAF) for RAF Police
Sea dad
(RN) experienced submariner assigned to train in a new boatmate
Secret squirrels
MI5/6 operatives, spies.
(Army/RM) An American serviceman/woman. From Cockney rhyming slang; Septic Tank = Yank = American
Sheep's head
(Army) Feeling hungover after a particularly long drinking session. " My god, I have such a Sheeps head after last night, did everyone get back alive".
(Army) Fancy or non-issue kit/free gubbins up for grabs/favourite or magpies
Shiny ass/arse
(RAF) derogatory slang for admin workers who sit at desks all day getting shiny arses (instead of grafting/working).
(Army) To take a look.
(Army/RAF) A member of the Royal Navy. Derived from propensity of sailors during the age of sail nailing flat fish to the decks of ships and fucking them (when not buggering each other)
Situation normal, all fucked-up.
Sneaky Beaky
(Army) Special operations
Royal Air Force Police - in relation to their white SD caps
(RAF) sergeant. Derived from senior non comissioned officer (SNCO).
Spin a dit
(RN/RM/Army) tell a story
(Army/RN) Recruit. Also offspring
MI5/6 operatives
(RAF) or newbie - as in least experienced or lowest rank using a teaspoon to make hot drinks (brews) for everyone (also known as brewbitches)
Stag, on stag, stagging on
Guard duty
chocolate bar / sticky: bun or cake RN. Member of IRA to RM
(Army) A sergeant
Still a Bennie (see above) after orders not to refer to them in a derogatory way ("Still a Benny")
(BAOR) Alvis Stalwart vehicle
(Army) soldiers
(RAF) RAF safety equipment fitter (can make you anything)
(Army) Stupid Territorial Army Bastard or Simply the armies best
Stumblies (Army) RAF helicopter: RAF helicopter crew.
(generic) Senior Officers Good Idea - detrimental term
(RAF) Aircraft Engine Technician
Security Services/Military Intelligence
Any soldier Reguardless if rank or marital status living in Barracks.
To Sneak, Stalk, Creep, etc.

T edit

(Army) acronym for "Tactical Advance to Battle", a forced march in battle dress order, either ending in battle or during training. Seep ‘Yomp’ (RM).
(Army) cigarette.
Taffy, Taff
a Welsh soldier
Member of the Taliban. Good for shooting and little else.
RM\RN speak Really upset. "I was really threaders/threadpigs with everyone getting seen off to the max!"
(Army/RAF) acronym for "Three Letter Acronym". The British Army & RAF are made of them
Tom or Tommy (Tommy Atkins)
soldier in the British Army
(BAOR) AFV432 Personel carrier.
(Army) A Portaloo, from its resemblance to Dr Who's box.

U edit

(Army) a remote or rural area, Unsure of origin. Originally thought to be from Malay but ulu translates Into = interior person. (From Malay - Jungle. Living away from the coast i.e in the interior which was thick, primary jungle). Boonies (US).

V edit

Volley Ball Player
(RAF) Fire Fighter. Slow to respond to fire incidents. Because they are busy finishing their game of volleyball or tending to the PH levels in the swimming pool they have installed in the new theatre of operation. Fingers usually smell of waff's (see below) crab hole on a friday morning.
Anyone who has military Service and now in Civy Street

W edit

(Army) Acronym for "what a good idea". Said to officers. Sarcastic.
(Army) A desk jockey or general mundane job role, can be both derogatory and complimentary. "Bloody Staff wallah, what do they know" or "he was a complete Staff wallah and could get you on overseas AT, legend" or Drop your uniform into the Dhobi wallah for cleaning. Hindi in origin, one in charge.
Walt / Walter Mitty
A person who makes up stories about their time in service, or pretends to have served and won unearned medals. Either a civilian claiming military service, or a serviceman claiming service with units they have not served with, or medals they have not been awarded. From the fictional character Walter Mitty who daydreamed of being a war hero. See Military impostor.
Looking aggressive, WARlike even...
Complete idiot. "Don't be such a weapon"
Rubbish (Army)
Ultimate Jackness, originated from two brothers that always needed other people to sort their admin out for them. Often leading to those described as Webster as being mutiple divorcees.
(RAF) Women's Auxiliary Air Force - became WRAF (qv) on 1 Feb 1949. [Easily recognised by their willingness to please Rockapes (see above) PTI's or fire fighters. At the bop on a Thursday night.]
(RN) a drink (‘hot-wet’, or ‘cold-wet’), usually a cup of tea/coffee. "Want a wet?" = would you like a hot drink?
Wet Bitch
(RN/RM) The boy who makes the tea.
White Crap
Derogatory term for RAF Police. Can be used safely over the radio as indistinguishable from their actual callsign (whitecap).
(RN, Army) spec. Submarine Service) crazy; "to go wibble" means to go crazy after being at sea too long (Blackadder reference). Army. Temporary non effective on mental health, i.e. "After his 3rd tour Cpl Jones went wibble".
(Army) Sleeping bag.
Winky Pot
(Army) The flashing light attached to vehicles while travelling in convoy on roads, motorways, autobahns etc
(Army) a soldier from the Guards Division
Waste of Rations/Fresh Air/Uniform/Training
Someone who serves no useful purpose or can't do the job
Army Jumper
(Army) Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital (QEMH) Woolwich.
Working his/her ticket
(Army) 40s/50s Term for military personnel trying to get out of doing something.
(Army) 70/80s term for members of the Women's Royal Army Corps (WRAC) before their disbandment. Based on the acronym for the corps.
Weekly Ration
(Army) Cu#t.
(RAF) Women's Royal Air Force - merged into the RAF in 1994. [Easily recognised by their willingness to please Rockapes (see above) PTI's or fire fighters. At the bop on a Thursday night.]
Work Wife
(Army) Senior Officer term for their Staff assistant, "Thank god work wife was there, I can't organise my diary for toffy". Home wife is normally in charge of off duty periods and Work Wife duty periods.
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
In military terms "WTF".

Y edit

(RM) your own marching pace. To force march with a heavy load
Young Officer, an officer in training

Z edit

Zob (RAF)
a commissioned officer. Plastic Zob (RAF): New officer just out of training (You can still see the mould marks)

References edit

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