Appendix:Unicode/Yijing Hexagram Symbols

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Yijing Hexagram Symbols

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This page lists the characters in the “Yijing Hexagram Symbols” block of the Unicode standard, version 14.0. This block covers code points from U+4DC0 to U+4DFF. All assigned characters in this block belong to the General Category So (Other Symbol). and have the Script value Zyyy (Common).

Code point Image
Character Name
U+4DC0 (19904) Iching-hexagram-01.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE CREATIVE HEAVEN
U+4DC1 (19905) Iching-hexagram-02.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE RECEPTIVE EARTH
U+4DC2 (19906) Iching-hexagram-03.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DIFFICULTY AT THE BEGINNING
U+4DC3 (19907) Iching-hexagram-04.svg HEXAGRAM FOR YOUTHFUL FOLLY
U+4DC4 (19908) Iching-hexagram-05.svg HEXAGRAM FOR WAITING
U+4DC5 (19909) Iching-hexagram-06.svg HEXAGRAM FOR CONFLICT
U+4DC6 (19910) Iching-hexagram-07.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE ARMY
U+4DC7 (19911) Iching-hexagram-08.svg HEXAGRAM FOR HOLDING TOGETHER
U+4DC8 (19912) Iching-hexagram-09.svg HEXAGRAM FOR SMALL TAMING
U+4DC9 (19913) Iching-hexagram-10.svg HEXAGRAM FOR TREADING
U+4DCA (19914) Iching-hexagram-11.svg HEXAGRAM FOR PEACE
U+4DCB (19915) Iching-hexagram-12.svg HEXAGRAM FOR STANDSTILL
U+4DCC (19916) Iching-hexagram-13.svg HEXAGRAM FOR FELLOWSHIP
U+4DCD (19917) Iching-hexagram-14.svg HEXAGRAM FOR GREAT POSSESSION
U+4DCE (19918) Iching-hexagram-15.svg HEXAGRAM FOR MODESTY
U+4DCF (19919) Iching-hexagram-16.svg HEXAGRAM FOR ENTHUSIASM
U+4DD0 (19920) Iching-hexagram-17.svg HEXAGRAM FOR FOLLOWING
U+4DD1 (19921) Iching-hexagram-18.svg HEXAGRAM FOR WORK ON THE DECAYED
U+4DD2 (19922) Iching-hexagram-19.svg HEXAGRAM FOR APPROACH
U+4DD3 (19923) Iching-hexagram-20.svg HEXAGRAM FOR CONTEMPLATION
U+4DD4 (19924) Iching-hexagram-21.svg HEXAGRAM FOR BITING THROUGH
U+4DD5 (19925) Iching-hexagram-22.svg HEXAGRAM FOR GRACE
U+4DD6 (19926) Iching-hexagram-23.svg HEXAGRAM FOR SPLITTING APART
U+4DD7 (19927) Iching-hexagram-24.svg HEXAGRAM FOR RETURN
U+4DD8 (19928) Iching-hexagram-25.svg HEXAGRAM FOR INNOCENCE
U+4DD9 (19929) Iching-hexagram-26.svg HEXAGRAM FOR GREAT TAMING
U+4DDA (19930) Iching-hexagram-27.svg HEXAGRAM FOR MOUTH CORNERS
U+4DDB (19931) Iching-hexagram-28.svg HEXAGRAM FOR GREAT PREPONDERANCE
U+4DDC (19932) Iching-hexagram-29.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE ABYSMAL WATER
U+4DDD (19933) Iching-hexagram-30.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE CLINGING FIRE
U+4DDE (19934) Iching-hexagram-31.svg HEXAGRAM FOR INFLUENCE
U+4DDF (19935) Iching-hexagram-32.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DURATION
U+4DE0 (19936) Iching-hexagram-33.svg HEXAGRAM FOR RETREAT
U+4DE1 (19937) Iching-hexagram-34.svg HEXAGRAM FOR GREAT POWER
U+4DE2 (19938) Iching-hexagram-35.svg HEXAGRAM FOR PROGRESS
U+4DE3 (19939) Iching-hexagram-36.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DARKENING OF THE LIGHT
U+4DE4 (19940) Iching-hexagram-37.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE FAMILY
U+4DE5 (19941) Iching-hexagram-38.svg HEXAGRAM FOR OPPOSITION
U+4DE6 (19942) Iching-hexagram-39.svg HEXAGRAM FOR OBSTRUCTION
U+4DE7 (19943) Iching-hexagram-40.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DELIVERANCE
U+4DE8 (19944) Iching-hexagram-41.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DECREASE
U+4DE9 (19945) Iching-hexagram-42.svg HEXAGRAM FOR INCREASE
U+4DEA (19946) Iching-hexagram-43.svg HEXAGRAM FOR BREAKTHROUGH
U+4DEB (19947) Iching-hexagram-44.svg HEXAGRAM FOR COMING TO MEET
U+4DEC (19948) Iching-hexagram-45.svg HEXAGRAM FOR GATHERING TOGETHER
U+4DED (19949) Iching-hexagram-46.svg HEXAGRAM FOR PUSHING UPWARD
U+4DEE (19950) Iching-hexagram-47.svg HEXAGRAM FOR OPPRESSION
U+4DEF (19951) Iching-hexagram-48.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE WELL
U+4DF0 (19952) Iching-hexagram-49.svg HEXAGRAM FOR REVOLUTION
U+4DF1 (19953) Iching-hexagram-50.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE CAULDRON
U+4DF2 (19954) Iching-hexagram-51.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE AROUSING THUNDER
U+4DF3 (19955) Iching-hexagram-52.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE KEEPING STILL MOUNTAIN
U+4DF4 (19956) Iching-hexagram-53.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DEVELOPMENT
U+4DF5 (19957) Iching-hexagram-54.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE MARRYING MAIDEN
U+4DF6 (19958) Iching-hexagram-55.svg HEXAGRAM FOR ABUNDANCE
U+4DF7 (19959) Iching-hexagram-56.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE WANDERER
U+4DF8 (19960) Iching-hexagram-57.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE GENTLE WIND
U+4DF9 (19961) Iching-hexagram-58.svg HEXAGRAM FOR THE JOYOUS LAKE
U+4DFA (19962) Iching-hexagram-59.svg HEXAGRAM FOR DISPERSION
U+4DFB (19963) Iching-hexagram-60.svg HEXAGRAM FOR LIMITATION
U+4DFC (19964) Iching-hexagram-61.svg HEXAGRAM FOR INNER TRUTH
U+4DFD (19965) Iching-hexagram-62.svg HEXAGRAM FOR SMALL PREPONDERANCE
U+4DFE (19966) Iching-hexagram-63.svg HEXAGRAM FOR AFTER COMPLETION
U+4DFF (19967) Iching-hexagram-64.svg ䷿ HEXAGRAM FOR BEFORE COMPLETION