Azerbaijani +‎ -ness


Azerbaijaniness (uncountable)

  1. Quality of being Azerbaijani.
    • 1994, Thomas Goltz, Requiem for a would-be republic:
      This is not to say there was no ambivalence about Russianness and Azeriness (or more specifically, Azerbaijaniness).
    • 2017, Ludmilla A'Beckett, ‎Theodorus du Plessis, In pursuit of societal harmony, page 109:
      There is, however, a different opinion on this: some experts think that the primary self-identification for minorities is connected with Azerbaijaniness, and that ethnic-based self-identification is secondary for them.
    • 2018, Elisabeth Militz, Affective Nationalism:
      It is a question of 'what we invest ourselves in' (Grosz 1995, 184) and how people live Blackness, Whiteness, Azerbaijaniness, Germanness, femaleness or maleness.