American Sign Language edit

Alternative forms edit

Few circles may indicate few beers, whereas many circles may indicate many beers.

Etymology edit

Shape B from initial of English beer with same location and movement as ASL W@Cheek CirclesSurface (wine).

Production edit

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  • This one-handed ASL sign has one posture:
    1. Posture the dominant hand in the “B” handshape on the dominant cheek. The nondominant hand is not used.
      • Move the dominant hand in circles around the cheek.

Noun edit

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  1. beer
    1@Sternum-FingerBack 5@InsideChesthigh-PalmUp-5@InsideChesthigh-PalmUp Claw@NearInsideChesthigh-PalmUp-Claw@NearInsideChesthigh-PalmUp B@Cheek CirclesSurface Y@InsideChesthigh-PalmUp-Y@InsideChesthigh-PalmUp Y@InsideTrunkhigh-PalmUp-Y@InsideTrunkhigh-PalmUp
    (ASL gloss) ME WANT BEER NOW
    "I want a beer now!"