BentB@BackHand-PalmDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmDown Contact

American Sign Language edit

Etymology edit

Illustrative of the sun (represented by the finger tips of the dominant hand) dropping over the horizon (represented by the nondominant arm). Compare other signs that represent the sun as the dominant hand and the horizon as the nondominant forearm: FlatB@DistalInsideChesthigh-PalmUp-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown (morning), FlatB@InsideNeckhigh-FingerUp-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown (noon), FlatB@InsideNeckhigh-PalmForwardDown-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown (afternoon), 9@CenterTrunkhigh-PalmDown-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown 9@CenterChesthigh-PalmDown-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown (sunrise), 9@CenterChesthigh-PalmDown-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown 9@CenterTrunkhigh-PalmDown-FlatB@BaseForearm-PalmDown (sunset).

Production edit

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Noun edit

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  1. night; evening
  2. tonight

Derived terms edit