Blend of Brexit +‎ exodus.


Brexodus (uncountable)

  1. (UK politics) The departure of people or companies from the UK due to Brexit.
    • 2016 June 29, Bloomberg, “Vodafone mulls London HQ move in Brexodus”, in Irish TImes[1]:
    • 2016 July 2, Márton Hoványi and Ádám Sághy, “Brexit or Brexodus. The theological evaluation of the Brexit”, in Shekinah Research Institute for Theology - Kötőszó[2]:
    • 2016 October 11, Nicholas Cecil and Pippa Crerar, “Fears grow of bank Brexodus from the City as pound slumps”, in Evening Standard[3]:
      Brexodus fears: Banks may leave London after the vote, it was claimed
    • 2016 November 10, Timothy Devinney, “Brexodus: the world’s highly skilled have options other than the UK”, in TES[4]:
      So the Brexodus will also include skilled locals, who know they too are better off working in an environment that provides them with opportunities rather than constraints.
    • 2017 August 7, Lucy McNulty, “City of London urges government to stop Brexodus”, in Financial Times[5]: