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  1. (linguistics) Abbreviation of Canadian English.
    • 2008, Stefan Dollinger, New-Dialect Formation in Canada, →ISBN:
      Finally, section (2.5) reviews diachronic language studies on CanE, which is the area of focus in the present study.
    • 2008, Susan M. Fitzmaurice, Donka Minkova, Studies in the History of the English Language IV, →ISBN:
      The present study focusses on the 'other' North American variety of English, Canadian English (CanE) from a diachronic perspective.
    • 2015, Marina Dossena, Transatlantic Perspectives on Late Modern English, →ISBN, page 13:
      Laurel J. Brinton University of British Columbia, Canada The dearth of real-time studies of the histories of transatlantic English varieties can be attributed to the lack of readily accessible, electronic corpora. However, for Canadian English (CanE) we now have the Bank of Canadian English (BCE), which consists of c. 2.5 million words from written and spoken sources extending from 1505 to the present.