Category:Avestan proper nouns

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  1. π¬€π¬΅π¬Žπ¬­π¬€ 𐬨𐬀𐬰𐬛𐬁
  2. 𐬫𐬀𐬯π¬₯𐬀
  3. π¬°π¬€π¬­π¬€π¬šπ¬Žπ¬±π¬™π¬­π¬€
  4. π¬¨π¬Œπ¬šπ¬­π¬€
  5. 𐬬𐬆𐬡𐬭𐬐𐬁π¬₯𐬀
  6. π¬―π¬€π¬Šπ¬³π¬Œπ¬Œπ¬€π¬§π¬
Oldest pages ordered by last edit
  1. 𐬬𐬆𐬡𐬭𐬐𐬁π¬₯𐬀
  2. π¬°π¬€π¬­π¬€π¬šπ¬Žπ¬±π¬™π¬­π¬€
  3. π¬―π¬€π¬Šπ¬³π¬Œπ¬Œπ¬€π¬§π¬
  4. π¬¨π¬Œπ¬šπ¬­π¬€
  5. 𐬫𐬀𐬯π¬₯𐬀
  6. π¬€π¬΅π¬Žπ¬­π¬€ 𐬨𐬀𐬰𐬛𐬁

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Avestan nouns that indicate individual entities, such as names of persons, places or organizations.