Category:Hungarian terms with multiple etymologies

ad­jec­tive ad­verb con­junc­tion deter­miner inter­jec­tion letter noun nu­mer­al par­ticip­le post­posi­tion pro­noun verb ad­jec­tive ad­verb deter­miner noun nu­mer­al pro­noun verb
lemma non-lemma form
 adject. adject.
 adverb adverb
 conjunction conj.
 determiner det.
 interjection int.
 letter letter
 noun noun
 numeral num.
 participle part.
 postposition postp.
 pronoun pron.
 verb verb
 adjective form adj. f.
 adverb form adv. f.
 determiner form det. f.
 noun form noun f.
 numeral form num. f.
 pronoun form pron. f.
 verb form verb f.

Not included above:
multiple morpheme ety., noun & particle ety., proper noun & p. n. form ety., multiple proper noun ety., verb & participle f. ety., and participle f. & verb f. ety.

(See also its Hungarian version.)

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Hungarian terms that are derived from multiple origins.


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