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Oldest requests
  1. 14 September 2017: उल्का
  2. 13 February 2018: મેહુલિયો
  3. 14 February 2018: શેઢો
  4. 14 February 2018: ઓથ
  5. 14 February 2018: ભાળવું
Newest requests
  1. 20 March 2023: 隨便
  2. 20 March 2023: roll coal
  3. 19 March 2023: 本体
  4. 19 March 2023: gayism
  5. 19 March 2023: defluilo

To add an article to this category, use the template reference {{rfdate}} or {{rfdatek}} to include the author. Please remove the template from the article once the date has been provided. Articles are also added automatically by templates such as {{quote-book}} if the year= parameter is not provided. Providing the parameter in each case on the page automatically removes the article from this category. See Wiktionary:Quotations for information about formatting dates and quotations.


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