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From Mandarin 青銅峽青铜峡 (Qīngtóngxiá) Wade–Giles romanization: Chʻing¹-tʻung²-hsia².

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  1. Alternative form of Qingtongxia
    • 1978, Peking Review[1], volume 21, numbers 27-52, →OCLC, page 28:
      The Chingtunghsia water conservancy works on the Yellow River and nine irrigation canals to divert water from the river in the autonomous region have been built or rebuilt with state investments.
    • 1978 October 19 [1978 October 18], “STATE AID TO NINGSIA REGION OVER 20 YEARS DETAILED”, in Daily Report: People's Republic of China[2], volume I, number 203, Foreign Broadcast Information Service, →ISSN, →OCLC, page M1[3]:
      A major power-irrigation project has been built at Chingtunghsia on the Yellow River.
    • 1980, Vaclav Smil, “China's Energy Technology”, in China's Four Modernizations: The New Technological Revolution[4], Westview Press, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 222:
      Other large stations completed during this period include a 900-megawatt station at Tanch'iangk'ou (Han Shui in Hupei), a 300-megawatt station at Yenkuohsia, a 225-megawatt station at Chingtunghsia, and a 180-megawatt station at Papanhsia, all on the Yellow River.
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