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From Tibetan ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ (jo mo glang ma), from ཇོ་མོ (jo mo, goddess) + ?, translated as "Mother of the Universe" or "Goddess Mother of the Snows".

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  1. (uncommon) Mount Everest
    • 1956, James Ramsey Ullman, Man of Everest[1], London: The Reprint Society, →ISBN, page 41:
      The lamas told many stories of the terror of the snows—of gods and demons and creatures far worse than yetis, who guarded the heights and would bring doom to any man who ventured there. But I knew that men, and among them my own people, had climbed high on the other side of Chomolungma, and, though some had been killed, more had returned alive.
    • 2001, James E. Harf, ‎Mark Owen Lombardi, Taking Sides: Clashing views on controversial global issues, page 5:
      Ironically, already Chomolungma herself is showing signs of wear .
    • 2014, Ed Douglas, Chomolungma Sings the Blues: Travels Round Everest:
      That is not to say that I don't think anything needs to be done for Chomolungma's environment.



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