Proper nounEdit

Chuchanik f

  1. Alternative form of Chouchanik
    • 1963, Nicolas Bouvier, L'Usage du Monde, 2005 ed., Payot & Rivages, →ISBN, p. 157; translated 1992 by Robyn Marsack as The Way of the World, 2011 ed., Eland, →ISBN:
      Cette idée semblait tracasser la veuve Chuchanik, notre logeuse, qui nous rendait souvent visite : qu'on vienne – d'aussi loin et de plein gré – s'installer ici lui paraissait saugrenu.
      — This idea seemed to worry the widow Chuchanik, our landlady, who often came to see us: it seemed preposterous to her that we should have come so far, and of our own free will, to settle in Tabriz.