English citations of ǃKung

  • 2000, Global sociology: introducing five contemporary societies (Linda Schneider, Arnold R. Silverman), page 120:
    The ǃKung live in the Kalahari Desert of southwestern Africa, a harsh, semidesert environment.
    The The ǃKung themselves have no written language so only anthropologists have attempted to write down these click sounds and they have developed a system of denoting the different clicks with symbols like these: ǃ, ǀ, ǁ. The ǃ in ǃKung is a click sound.
  • 2008, Marilyn French, From Eve to Dawn, A History of Women in the World, Volume I, page 28:
    The ǃKung (the ǃ represents a click) live mainly on high-calorie mongongo nuts []