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English citations of AC

  • 1991, Maxim Jakubowski, 100 Great Detectives, The Detective Directory, Carroll & Graf Publishers, page 67:
    The Chronicles are the AC/DC of crime. Each book explores characters who do not then recur (often being killed on the final page.)
  • 1999 April, Elliott Wilson, “Too Short ‘Can’t Stay Away’”, Vibe, Vibe Media Group, ISSN 1070-4701, volume 7, number 3, page 182:
    Too Short is like the AC/DC of rap.
  • 2006, Maximum Rock ’n’ Roll, issue 276:
    The AC/DC of death metal, you'd be hard-pressed to say BOLT THROWER has changed much, and that’s always a good thing.
  • 2009, T. Virgil Parker et al., Sausage Factory, The College Crier's Infamous Interviews of the Freaks and the Famous, First Books, →ISBN, page 148:
    We are who we are. We always say, “You can't polish a turd.” We're like the AC/DC of what we do.