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Citations:Ally Pally

English citations of Ally Pally

  • 1949 "Playgoer monthly"
    Jack, In fact, has been around Ally Pally for so long, both as actor and producer, that he is almost regarded as one of the residents.
  • 1979 "ThirdWay - Oct 1979" - page 21
    Raised in Bromley (pronounced 'Brumleigh') in Kent, she now lives and works in Crouch End, North London where you can see Ally Pally (if you stand on a chair) and a battered Renault 16 if you're not careful.
  • 1992 John Hartley, "Tele-Ology: Studies in Television" - page 160
    Drama was produced from the BBC's studio at the Alexandra Palace (the Ally Pally) from the outset, and within a year the BBC Television Service was doing outside broadcast specials of civic and sporting events...
  • 2010 Tom Masters, Steve Fallon, Vesna Maric, "London" - page 173
    Today Ally Pally (as it is affectionately known) is a multipurpose conference and exhibition centre with additional facilities, including an indoor ice-skating rink, the panoramic Phoenix Bar & Beer Garden and funfairs in summer.