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English citations of Ameche

  • 1992, Robert Ludlum, The Road to Omaha, 1993 Bantam edition, →ISBN, page 239 [1]:
    Tell the asshole to take the fuckin' cigar out of his mouth and get on the Ameche.
  • 2002, Richard W. McBurney, Bag Men: Mosaics, Trafford (self-published), →ISBN, page 266 [2]:
    "Sweetheart, bring me the Ameche, please." His face had a foolish smile.
    Untangling the twenty foot extension cord, Alice Lynn placed the telephone in front of her husband.
  • 2004, Tim Dorsey, Cadillac Beach, →ISBN, page 214 [3]:
    "He was mixing with some trouble boys on the flimflam, putting screws to a Peterman after the box job."
    "How'd you hear?"
    "Jawed with him on the Ameche."