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Proper noun: "(slang) the couple consisting of celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, together from 2002 to 2004"Edit

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  • 2003 — Karen Heller, "'Gigli' won't harm its smitten stars, but it could really ruin your day", Philadelphia Inquirer, 2 August 2003:
    Miramax announced the change in June, ostensibly to give Bennifer time to promote Gigli overseas.
  • 2003 — Derek Rose, "Ben's Ring Throws 'em A Curve", New York Daily News, 25 August 2003:
    The Bennifer nuptials are supposed to be weeks off but what's that on Ben's ring finger?
  • 2003 — Brett Thomas, "Madonna's kiss and sell", Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September 2003:
    Meanwhile, Bennifer - the name given to the Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck partnership - is virtually an industry unto itself.
  • 2003 — "Press frenzy mugs wedding", The Age, 12 September 2003:
    "It could all be a ruse intended to distract attention from the real wedding," said Barry Levine of the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper, who is co-ordinating coverage of the "Bennifer" wedding plans in Santa Barbara.
  • 2003 — Gary Susman, "Jenny From the Block", Entertainment Weekly, 28 October 2003:
    Although her Gigli costar stood off to the side and said nothing, Bennifer observers noted that Lopez was once again wearing the $1.2 million pink diamond engagement ring Affleck gave her.
  • 2004 — George Rush, "Bennifer Rock Solid", New York Daily News, 17 January 2004:
    As we reported yesterday, Bennifer had dinner at a fancy Miami restaurant - and touched off new rumors the wedding was off when she was spotted without her 6-carat pink sparkler.
  • 2004 — "Affleck feels bad about Lopez film cameo", USA Today, 22 March 2004:
    Then came the Gigli debacle and the Bennifer breakup.
  • 2004 — Beth Jones, "'Jersey Girl' is so lame, you even miss J.Lo", Roanoke Times, 27 March 2004:
    Ben Affleck [] plays Ollie Trinkle. His wife is played by Jennifer Lopez, whose bit part was made even smaller when Smith scrapped a wedding scene with the couple after Bennifer became no more.
  • 2005 — Mark Shanahan, "Stars' split is tough to tune out", Boston Globe, 11 January 2005:
    "Whereas Bennifer was out in their Bentley making out, Brad and Jen seemed like people you could actually be friends with," said Schaefer, explaining Us Weekly's soup-to-nuts coverage of the couple. "They seem like the type of people you could grab a beer with."
  • 2005 — Amy Cooper, "Love in a goldfish bowl", Sydney Morning Herald, 5 December 2005:
    The public couldn't get enough of Bennifer - possible wedding dates, the Harry Winston engagement rock, various tiffs and reunions.
  • 2006 — David Wright, "Cruise-Holmes Wedding Takes Italy, World by Storm", ABC News, 18 November 2006:
    In the grand tradition of Brangelina and Bennifer, the code name for this story is "TomKat."
  • 2007 — Donna Freydkin, "For Lopez, the drama stays on the screen", USA Today, 30 July 2007:
    These days, you see her at the Oscars or her movie premieres, but the once-glitzy and ubiquitous half of the Bennifer circus is largely out of the public eye.
  • 2010 — Frank Lovece, "Jennifer Lopez's career: J.lows and highs", Newsday, 15 April 2010:
    Following media saturation of "Bennifer" - Jennifer and fiance Ben Affleck - the couple's movie "Gigli" (2003) was a critical and commercial dud, becoming the first movie to sweep all six major categories of the Razzie Awards.